1stJohn Milligan
Nancy Lynd
2ndSheryl Crocker
Tricia Ray
3rdMary Jane Hall
Rhoda Frankel
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Division 299er - Game: 2017-04-26 Wed 299er Aft PDF converter      

Rank Player Player1 Pct Score MP MP2
1st John Milligan Nancy Lynd 58.33   0.49 A
2nd Sheryl Crocker Tricia Ray 57.54   0.34 A
3rd Mary Jane Hall Rhoda Frankel 56.75   0.49 A
4th Jacqueline Brown Philip Brown 55.16   0.34 A
5th Barbara Taylor Gretchen Cash 50   0.25 A
6th Mary Chaffin Molly Hamilton 49.6   0.25 A
7th Gano Ehlers Neill Ray 48.41      
8th Howard Cavins Jerelyn Lehman 48.41   0.18 C
9th Frank LaCava Robert Droke 47.62      
10th Amy Schumacher Linda Schubert 47.22   0.15 C
11th Kathy Hamilton Robin Bohbot 47.22   0.15 C
12th David Franklin Judy Franklin 47.22      
13th Eileen Smith Paulette Armstrong 44.05      
14th Param Ahluwalia Randall Wilson 42.46