1stBob Bender
Leslie Collins
2ndJohn Peart
Sherry Peart
3rdJudy Wood
Lisa Smith
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Division 49er - Game: 2017-04-26 Wed 49er Aft PDF converter      

Rank Player Player1 Pct Score MP MP2
1st Bob Bender Leslie Collins 70.59   0.45 A
2nd John Peart Sherry Peart 69.2   0.32 A
3rd Judy Wood Lisa Smith 66.37   0.23 A
4th Beverly Winchester Norman Dupuis 63.43   0.16 A
5th Carey Pharr Susan Pharr 56.63      
6th Darlene Campbell Martha Richardson 46.83      
7th Frances Coleman Jenise Young 42.59      
8th Beth Sonnier Diana McCaffree 38.59      
9th Phil Ray Tom Tiernan 35.41