1stManeeb Mellem
Shelly Wallace
2ndLouise Bowman
Valarie Rodawalt
3rdMidge Gannon
Vicki Campbell
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Division 49er - Game: 2017-05-07 Sun 49er Aft PDF converter      

Rank Player Player1 Pct Score MP MP2
1st Maneeb Mellem Shelly Wallace 64.56   0.81 OA
2nd Louise Bowman Valarie Rodawalt 62.74   0.61 OA
3rd Midge Gannon Vicki Campbell 62.56   0.47 OC
4th Darlene Campbell Judy Wood 60.07   0.34 OA
5th Jan Brand Jan Hacke 57.76   0.35 OC
6th Andrea Hagar Mimi Cohen 52.68      
7th John Peart Sherry Peart 50.18      
8th Janice Sickles Patricia Mittenthal 47.26      
9th Beverly Winchester Leslie Collins 40.76      
10th Myrph Foote Trudy Vernon 33.74      
11th Beth DiTommaso Laura Waguespack 28.64