1st Mary Chaffin
Molly Hamilton
2nd Janet Sheppard
Nancy Lynd
3rd Jan Warner
Mike Carter
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Rank Player Player1 Pct Score MP MP2
1st Mary Chaffin Molly Hamilton 63.1   0.96 A
2nd Janet Sheppard Nancy Lynd 59.92   0.96 A
3rd Jan Warner Mike Carter 58.4   0.67 A
4th Deanna Davis Judy Franklin 58   0.48 A
5th Neill Ray Patty Kleckner 57.54   0.67 A
6th Anne Goodman Tina Maher 57.08   0.48 A
7th Kathy Hamilton Robin Bohbot 54.72   0.34 A
8th Carolyn Baker Jole Luehrs 54.37   0.34 A
9th Sandy Clapp Theresa Smith 53.5   0.21 B
10th Allan Chernov Joan Chandler 52.92      
11th Cathy Bard Susan Jaffer 51.72   0.25 C
12th Angela Johnson Ron Day 51.53   0.21 C
13th Irene Pence Sharon Childs 51.19      
14th Anita Everhart John Everhart 46.49      
15th Kristin Markham Lorraine Hecker 45.3      
16th Bill Beach Robin Green 45.06      
17th Mona Wheatley Pat O'brien 44.98      
18th Patsy Norvell T Madden 44.78      
19th Marjory Myers Phyllis Zidell 43.27      
20th Ben Schkolne Paul Duduit 43.06      
21st Susan Moss Tina Epstein 41.67      
22nd Randall Wilson Sol Brook 40.8      
23rd Linda Cerf Rhoda Frankel 40.42      
24th Candace Tyson Clothilde Cloud 39.51