1stJeff Dater
Kristen Onsgard
2ndLaura Onsgard
Martha Young
3rdDale Remmers
Jeff Karpeles
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Division Open - Game: 2017-05-24 Wed Open Eve PDF converter      

Rank Player Player1 Pct Score MP MP2
1st Jeff Dater Kristen Onsgard 56.25 40.5 1.5 A
2nd Laura Onsgard Martha Young 54.17 39 1.13 A
3rd Dale Remmers Jeff Karpeles 53.47 38.5 0.84 A
4th Fred Seipp Judy Noble 52.08 37.5 0.22 C
5th Carolyn Motes Jr Vernon Earl Hodge 51.39 37    
6th Gail Wells Suresh Agrawal 49.31 35.5    
7th Chris Anderson Donna McKay 43.75 31.5    
8th Floyd Gerwig Mary Lynn Genovesi 39.58 28.5