1stBill Osborn
Suresh Agrawal
2ndSidney Perutz
Vi Ganeles
3rdGail Wells
Marion Gebhardt
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Division Open - Game: 2017-06-24 Sat Open A Aft PDF converter      

Rank Player Player1 Pct Score MP MP2
1st Bill Osborn Suresh Agrawal 60.42 29 1.5 A
2nd Sidney Perutz Vi Ganeles 57.29 27.5 1.13 A
3rd Gail Wells Marion Gebhardt 55.21 26.5 0.84 A
4th Frank Vlach Karen Vlach 50 24 0.28 B
5th Patricia Marchman Patricia Rose 44.79 21.5    
6th Hellen Revelle Rajendra Dhamankar 43.75 21    
7th Jean Jensen Preston Morrow 38.54 18.5