1stJana Mueller
Janice Newman
2ndAnn Drees
Betty Littlejohn
3rdFranci Moses
Martin Tayman
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Division 299er - Game: 2017-06-28 Wed 299er B Aft PDF converter      

Rank Player Player1 Pct Score MP MP2
1st Jana Mueller Janice Newman 60.3 37.99 0.98 OA
2nd Ann Drees Betty Littlejohn 59.89 37.73 0.74 OA
3rd Franci Moses Martin Tayman 56.44 35.56 0.55 OA
4th Mary Jane Hall Rhoda Frankel 54.63 34.42 0.54 OC
5th Linda Cerf Louise Bowman 52.24 32.91    
6th Barbara Taylor Gretchen Cash 51.98 32.75    
7th Mary Chaffin Molly Hamilton 51.37 32.36    
8th Clothilde Cloud Ines De Urtubey 45.1 28.41    
9th Mike Carter Phyllis Zidell 34.75 21.89