1stChris Anderson
Nancy Fellman
2ndGail Wells
Suresh Agrawal
3rdBrian Dalton
John Spessard
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Division Open - Game: 2017-07-31 Mon Open A Eve PDF converter      

Rank Player Player1 Pct Score MP MP2
1st Chris Anderson Nancy Fellman 58.33 42 0.8 A
2nd Gail Wells Suresh Agrawal 56.94 41 0.56 A
3rd Brian Dalton John Spessard 50.69 36.5 0.4 A
4th Harold Kless Judy Noble 50 36 0.4 C
5th Dale Remmers Valarie Remmers 49.31 35.5 0.28 C
6th Dave Croissant Sherra K Read 48.61 35    
7th Louise LeRoux Rajendra Dhamankar 43.75 31.5    
8th David Salem Rebekah Hahn 42.36 30.5