1stCandy Hyman
Mimi Cohen
2ndGano Ehlers
Neill Ray
3rdMary Jane Hall
Rhoda Frankel
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Division 299er - Game: 2017-08-02 Wed 299er B Aft PDF converter      

Rank Player Player1 Pct Score MP MP2
1st Candy Hyman Mimi Cohen 60.32 38 0.56 A
2nd Gano Ehlers Neill Ray 58.73 37 0.39 A
3rd Mary Jane Hall Rhoda Frankel 55.84 35.18 0.28 A
4th Mike Carter Phyllis Zidell 50.79 32 0.21 C
5th Robin Bohbot Terry Bysom 49.21 31    
6th Angela Johnson Erica Walker 46.03 29    
7th Linda Cerf Louise Bowman 40.84 25.73    
8th Adie Epstein Marcia Wellenstein 38.1 24