1stJohn Vos
Steve Eginton
2ndAlex Tanner
Eve Brenner
3rdMarilyn Malinowska
Martin Wickens
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Rank Player Player1 Pct Score MP MP2
 1st  John Vos  Steve Eginton 61.9 104 18  
 2nd  Alex Tanner  Eve Brenner 59.52 100 12  
 3rd  Marilyn Malinowska  Martin Wickens 56.55 95 6  
 4th  Michael Shellim  Peter Curlender 50.6 85    
 5th  Lizzie Shellim  Manuela Raimondo 48.81 82    
 6th  Barbara Wolczynska  Frances Loughridge 44.64 75    
 7th  Christopher Rainbow  Lori Robertson 44.05 74    
 8th  David King  Denise Winton 33.93 57