1stGail Wells
Marion Gebhardt
2ndRosalind Smith
Sidney Perutz
3rdCatherine Tucker
R Segerlind
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Division Open - Game: 2017-09-30 Sat Open A Aft PDF converter      

Rank Player Player1 Pct Score MP2
 1st  Gail Wells  Marion Gebhardt 57.29 27.5 1.30 A
 2nd  Rosalind Smith  Sidney Perutz 55.21 26.5 0.91 A
 3rd  Catherine Tucker  R Segerlind 54.17 26 0.65 A
 4th  Richard Barber  Roslyn Miller 52.08 25  
 5th  Jim Farmer  Nancy Latner 46.88 22.5  
 6th  Cassie Stern  Sharon Tomnitz 44.79 21.5  
 7th  Richard Langland  Sudhir Shah 39.58 19