1stMary Beecherl
Trish Hill
2ndAnne DeLaRosa
Charles Thomas
3rdCarol Dixon
Gail Marmol
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Division 49er - Game: 2017-10-23 Mon 49er C Aft PDF converter      

Rank Player Player1 Pct Score MP2
 1st  Mary Beecherl  Trish Hill 66.02 35.65 0.40 A
 2nd  Anne DeLaRosa  Charles Thomas 60.17 32.49 0.28 A
 3rd  Carol Dixon  Gail Marmol 50.94 27.51 0.20 A
 4th  Beth Sonnier  Frank Quick 50 27  
 5th  Kathy Hamilton  Ron Day 48.44 26.16  
 6th  Bonner DeShazo  Malcolm Barnebey 47.54 25.67  
 7th  Pam Johnson  Sue Brewer 39.83 21.51  
 8th  Beverly Winchester  Cheri Gross 37.06 20.01