1stMarion Gebhardt
Milton Neher
2ndBill Osborn
Suresh Agrawal
3rdBogumil Knypinski
Pawel Hanus
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Division Open - Game: 2017-12-13 Wed Open A Eve PDF converter      

Rank Player Player1 Pct Score MP MP2
 1st  Marion Gebhardt  Milton Neher 62 31 1.5 A
 2nd  Bill Osborn  Suresh Agrawal 51 25.5 1.05 A
 3rd  Bogumil Knypinski  Pawel Hanus 50 25 0.92 B
 4th  Barbara Aide  Kathleen Carr 49 24.5 0.64 B
 5th  Dale Remmers  Rosalind Smith 45 22.5    
 6th  J Reagan Dixon  Jim Harp 43 21.5