1stRandolph Worsham
Suresh Agrawal
2ndJoyce Schiff
Sharon Seagraves
3rdJ Reagan Dixon
Jim Harp
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Division Open - Game: 2018-03-20 Tues Open A Eve PDF converter      

Rank Player Player1 Pct Score MP2
 1st  Randolph Worsham  Suresh Agrawal 85 17 0.50 A
 2nd  Joyce Schiff  Sharon Seagraves 57.9 11.58 0.35 A
 3rd  J Reagan Dixon  Jim Harp 48 9.6  
 4th  Judy Osborn  Sue Scala 45.5 9.1  
 5th  Diana McCaffree  Eleonora Shafir 13.15 2.63