1stJo England
Sidney Perutz
2ndBarbara Ferm
Kay Moran
3rdDale Remmers
Valarie Remmers
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Division Open - Game: 2018-03-25 Sun Open A Aft PDF converter      

Rank Player Player1 Pct Score MP MP2
 1st  Jo England  Sidney Perutz 61 30.5 1.6 OA
 2nd  Barbara Ferm  Kay Moran 56 28 1.2 OA
 3rd  Dale Remmers  Valarie Remmers 49 24.5 0.28 SB
 4th  Fred Seipp  Sharon Seagraves 48 24    
 5th  Denise Strueber  John Ellis 47 23.5    
 6th  Darrel Strelitz  Frances Schmitz 39 19.5