1stJean Flores
Malcolm Barnebey
2ndGail Marmol
Guillermo Marmol
3rdCarol Phelps
Kathryn Derbes
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Division 49er - Game: 2018-04-25 Wed 49er C Eve PDF converter      

Rank Player Player1 Pct Score MP2
 1st  Jean Flores  Malcolm Barnebey 64.78 34.98 0.71 OA
 2nd  Gail Marmol  Guillermo Marmol 64.17 34.65 0.53 OA
 3rd  Carol Phelps  Kathryn Derbes 54.63 29.5 0.40 OA
 4th  John Peart  Sherry Peart 53.09 28.67  
 5th  Andrea Hagar  Dean Gilmore 44.78 24.18  
 6th  Cindy McIntyre  Curt McIntyre 41.04 22.16  
 7th  Patricia Mittenthal  Sammye Toulmin 39.22 21.18  
 8th  Nancy Moore  Susan Stone 38.3 20.68