1stJacqueline Brown
Philip Brown
2ndJo England
Sidney Perutz
3rdDebrah Chockley
Judy Bouska
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Division Open - Game: 2018-09-23 Sun Open A Aft PDF converter      

Rank Player Player1 Pct Score MP2
 1st  Jacqueline Brown  Philip Brown 57.64 41.5 4.23 OA
 2nd  Jo England  Sidney Perutz 54.86 39.5 3.17 OA
 3rd  Debrah Chockley  Judy Bouska 51.39 37 2.38 OA
 4th  Darrel Strelitz  Frances Schmitz 50 36  
 5th  Bob Scallan  Suresh Agrawal 49.31 35.5  
 6th  George Burcham  Kay Moran 49.31 35.5  
 7th  Genny Lemeshev  Yuri Lemeshev 45.14 32.5  
 8th  Carla Joiner  Jane Kirby 42.36 30.5