1stAndi Gordon
Marie-Anne Johnson
2ndDavid Salem
Jim Harp
3rdDale Remmers
Jeff Karpeles
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Division Open - Game: 2019-03-13 Wed Open A Eve PDF converter      

Rank Player Player1 Pct Score MP2
 1st  Andi Gordon  Marie-Anne Johnson 63.89 46 1.50 A
 2nd  David Salem  Jim Harp 59.03 42.5 1.13 A
 3rd  Dale Remmers  Jeff Karpeles 55.56 40 0.84 A
 4th  Barbara Aide  Kathleen Carr 53.47 38.5  
 5th  Floyd Gerwig  Susan Bates 49.31 35.5 0.28 C
 6th  Amy Adams  Ron Day 40.28 29  
 7th  Don Aschenbrenner  Hellen Revelle 40.28 29  
 8th  Judy Osborn  Sue Scala 38.19 27.5