1stKathleen Carr
Suresh Agrawal
2ndDale Remmers
Jeff Karpeles
3rdJeff Lyon
Rebekah Hahn
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Division Open - Game: 2019-03-20 Wed Open A Eve PDF converter      

Rank Player Player1 Pct Score MP2
 1st  Kathleen Carr  Suresh Agrawal 65.28 47 1.50 A
 2nd  Dale Remmers  Jeff Karpeles 55.56 40 1.13 A
 3rd  Jeff Lyon  Rebekah Hahn 54.17 39 0.84 A
 4th  Andi Gordon  Marie-Anne Johnson 50 36  
 5th  Floyd Gerwig  Susan Bates 45.83 33  
 6th  Genny Lemeshev  Yuri Lemeshev 42.36 30.5  
 7th  Barbara Aide  David Salem 42.36 30.5  
 8th  Bill Osborn  Judy Osborn 44.44 32