1stLinda Cerf
Paulette Armstrong
2ndCarole Buffington
Karen Bowman
3rdJudy Beck
Judy Berg
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Division 299er - Game: 2019-06-22 Sat 299er B Morn PDF converter      

Rank Player Player1 Pct Score MP2
 1st  Linda Cerf  Paulette Armstrong 65.82 39.49 0.64 A
 2nd  Carole Buffington  Karen Bowman 56.12 33.67 0.45 A
 3rd  Judy Beck  Judy Berg 56.1 33.66 0.36 B
 4th  Louise Bowman  Sherill Baack 54.15 32.49 0.25 B
 5th  Ayala Ishakov  Suzette Charne 50.67 30.4  
 6th  Jon Paul Temple  Kim Temple 45.95 27.57  
 7th  Jenise Young  Mike Carter 43.9 26.34  
 8th  Camille Kemp  Eleonora Shafir 35.3 21.18