1stJudy Osborn
Sue Scala
2ndBob Bender
Suresh Agrawal
3rdFeza Buyukdura
Randall Wilson
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Division Open - Game: 2019-08-19 Mon Open A Eve PDF converter      

Rank Player Player1 Pct Score MP2
 1st  Judy Osborn  Sue Scala 57 43.5 0.60
 2nd  Bob Bender  Suresh Agrawal 55 27.5 0.42
 3rd  Feza Buyukdura  Randall Wilson 54 45.5 0.30
 4th  Carol Casey  Chris Anderson 49 27.5  
 5th  Hellen Revelle  Jon Paul Temple 48 36.5  
 6th  Cathy Mullen  David Salem 37 34.5