1stPatti Tate
Sarah Feagin
2ndKay Boatwright
Kaylin Allen
3rdPhil Ray
Steve Ray
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Division Supervised - Game: 2019-09-13 Fri Supervised Duplicate D Morn PDF converter      

Rank Player Player1 Pct Score MP2
 1st  Patti Tate  Sarah Feagin 70.83 17 0.15
 2nd  Kay Boatwright  Kaylin Allen 56.25 13.5  
 3rd  Phil Ray  Steve Ray 54.17 13 0.15
 4th  Julie Begzos  Paige Allen 50 12  
 5th  Carolyn Joost  Layne De Alvarez 22.92 5.5  
 6th  Sharon Lux  Sylvia Chavez 45.83 11